Patricia P Balinski

Patricia Petronella Balinski started writing since childhood. With a degree in Business, she embellished her writing skills with graduating in 1996 from The Institute of Children’s Literature and in 1997 the Writer’s Digest School. Balinski has been published in the Orlando, Fl Sentinel Newspaper and the Franciscan Canticle. Balinski has been an active member in Word Weavers within Jerry B. Jenkins Christian Writers Guild and currently a member of Florida Writers Group and Writers for All Seasons. Her first novel, "The Manor's Eyes" is now released.  Comments or questions contact her at​Type your paragraph here.

As a modern author, Patricia P Balinski uses both history and her world experiences as central characters for her writings, bridging her love of things old and the ever-changing fictional world. Her knack for weaving everday events into a fictional story is simply awe inspiring.